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Welcome to SM捆绑 Christian School

Throughout their educational journey, we are training each child to work at every task wholeheartedly as working for the Lord. As we partner with parents in the nurture of their children, we are seeking to grow resilient, passionate and faithful followers of Jesus who are equipped to live for His glory.

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Why a Christian school?

Christian education fosters a worldview where all things are rightfully under the lordship of Christ. This also means that our students learn in an environment shaped by the knowledge that they are known and loved by God.

A framework for Christian education
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Christian Educators

A SM捆绑 we only employ passionate Christian staff who understand each child deeply and are committed to embedding a biblical framework in all the curriculum.

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Christian community

Our community at SM捆绑 is made up of over 550 families from 160 churches. Our school acts as an extension of the family home, nurturing children to live for God's glory.

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