Why Christian education?

There can be no doubt that education shapes children. Throughout the life of a child, their teachers have an enormous influence on their lives, shaping not only what is taught, but the worldview each child holds.

There is no such thing as neutral education, and that is one of the main reasons SM Christian School was started. Nearly 45 years ago, a group of Christian parents passionately believed that parents should be able to partner with a school where Christ was at the centre of all that was taught.

For this to happen, the school needed to employ passionate Christian teachers; educational leaders who understood the importance of teaching from a Christian perspective.

Today, SM employs nearly 130 teachers, all Christian men and women who love the Lord Jesus and are committed to carefully and deliberately integrating a Christian worldview into the curriculum.

At SM, students are taught how to think from a Christian perspective. They are given the skills to read the Bible for themselves, and the opportunity to read it together. The Christian life is modelled day to day, and approaches, expectations and policies are all in-keeping with our faith. This builds a school community of grace and love, working faithfully together for the glory of God.

Biblically grounded

Our school is biblically grounded. This means we recognise that the Bible is God's complete word and it carries God's authority. Colossians 1:15-17 tells us that Jesus is God; that everything was 'created through him and for him'. For this reason, we believe;

  • God is to be honoured and served in all areas of life.
  • God has appointed parents to be responsible for the education of their children and to bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).

What does it mean to have a Christ-centred, biblically grounded education?

Some key elements of how this looks day-to-day include;

  • Not all lessons will have an overtly biblical theme, but all will be embedded with a Christian perspective.
  • Every staff member is a committed Christian. This means they can teach Christianly, respond to students with God’s love, disciple students in their faith, and even develop policies that are God honouring.
  • Children are supported, encouraged, taught and prayed for.
  • Devotions, including prayer, reading the Bible and discussions, are held every day.
  • Knowing God is a core subject for all students.
  • Loving discipline is undertaken when necessary.
  • Each child is viewed as an individual who bears God's image - opportunities and programs are available to suit a range of abilities and interests.
  • Students are not sheltered from the world but encouraged to see the society around them through a biblical lens.

Teaching from a Christian perspective

At SM all subjects are taught using the NSW curriculum and syllabuses, covering all the required outcomes, content and capabilities. To integrate Christian faith and God’s word into the curriculum means presenting all subjects from the perspective of a Christian worldview; viewing the world through the lens of the Bible.

Our goal is to equip our students to live for God's glory. To do this, we;

- provide a Christ-centred education

- teach children to think Christianly

- assist children to make faithful use of their God-given abilities

- involve parents actively in the education of their children.

Partnership between the school and parents is a key feature of Christian education as we work together to prepare students to be Christ’s disciples in the world.

Thinking Christianly

Teachers prepare units of work based on the syllabus to challenge students to think Christianly about what they are learning. For example:

- students study the relationship between nature and our creator God.
- various cultures and nations are studied through a biblical perspective of loving others and offering hospitality to the ‘alien’.
- topics such as divorce, suicide, racism are explored, and more mature texts are read and discussed in a supportive environment. Business, Science, Technology and Economics provide students the opportunity to discuss Christian ethics.

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