At SM Christian School, qualified, committed Christian staff have been essential to maintaining the original Vision since the school opened in 1978.

At SM, we are blessed to have an all-Christian staff who are committed the school’s Vision and Mission.

Whether it be to teach the curriculum from a biblical lens, respond to students with God’s love, disciple students in their faith, or develop policies and practices that are God-honouring, it is essential that we have staff that are committed Christians who love Jesus.

SM partners with parents in raising and nurturing their children in the Christian faith. We recognise that our Executive, teaching staff and support staff are integral in fulfilling this mission and are grateful for their faithful leadership and service in this area.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are experienced, dedicated practitioners who love their students and the subjects they teach. They give wholeheartedly of their time and effort, eager to see every child access and succeed in their learning. Our teaching staff regularly engage in professional development in the areas of Christian Education, student wellbeing, differentiation, quality teaching practices and assessment.

Teaching from a Christian perspective is both a challenge and a privilege. It is a privilege because a Christian curriculum teaches the full truth. However, the NSW curriculum doesn’t intrinsically lend itself to a Christian worldview. Our teachers specialise in teaching from a Christian worldview, and meeting the learning needs of all students.

Academic Rigour

SM provides an enriching and supportive learning environment that inspires students to work to the best of their abilities. This includes teaching and learning practices in every classroom, as well as extension and enrichment, and learning support.

In every subject, lessons are created to drive conceptual understanding and critical thinking, not just to convey information. Flexible teaching strategies and genuine care for each individual results in high levels of student engagement. As well as effectively differentiating the curriculum, teachers may use strategies such as setting open-ended tasks, and allowing like-minded or similar-ability students to work together.

While applying a Christian lens to all subjects, a learning culture is created.


SM is passionate about the wellbeing of our entire school community which is why we provide a strong, specialist Wellbeing team, including trained counsellors to ensure staff, students and families are appropriately supported in times of need. All our staff contribute to presenting a consistent Christian worldview to students. This fosters each student’s identity in Christ. This strengthens their faith and promotes resilience, thereby nurturing emotional and spiritual growth.

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