Thank you for your interest in enrolment at SMĀĻ°ķ Christian School. We are accepting applications for Year 7 2025 and beyond, and accepting applications for most other grades for 2024 and beyond.

SMĀĻ°ķ Christian School was established to provide a Christian education for the children of parents who believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord of every aspect of life, including education. To this end, SMĀĻ°ķ functions as an extension of the home by actively encouraging children to live in a way that honours Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Therefore, a Christian perspective forms an integral part of the teaching from Prep to Year 12.

Our main entry levels are Prep, Kindergarten, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 11.

Enquiries and applications are welcome for vacancies for most grades for 2024 and beyond. We recommend that applications are submitted at least two years in advance if possible or one year in advance for Prep, however, we welcome applications at any time.

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