Students travel to SM from a broad area around Sydney including the Northern Beaches, North Shore and other areas of Sydney.

CDC NSW is the main provider of school buses to and from SM Christian School.

For transportation before and after school via government buses visit the .

All public transport options and timetables are determined by the NSW Government.

Bus Supervision

Each school bus has a student bus supervisor. This is a senior student selected by staff. They liaise with students and the bus driver and look after younger students.

New students, or students without older siblings, may also be paired up with a ‘Bus Buddy’. The buddy is another student who keeps an eye out for their wellbeing, safety and bus stop.

Each afternoon, school buses depart from the school car park (Dell Street entrance) or from the Forest Way pedestrian entrance. Students are supervised by staff as they arrive on buses each morning and are assisted as they board the buses at each location in the afternoon.

School Opal Card

School students may apply for a School Opal Card. The card gives eligible students free travel between home and school on the approved train, bus or ferry service. Students will be required to ‘Tap On and Off’ when travelling to and from school. The data will be captured by this action to ensure the travel is eligible between home and school.

Applications are to be completed online on the Transport NSW website. Go to .

Please note: The School Opal Card will be deactivated for use on weekends and school holidays.

Should students need to travel to any other location, they will be required to use a Child/Youth Opal Card.

Most Temporary Residents (e.g. 457 visa) and International Students (500 visa) are not eligible for a School Opal card.

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