At SM, we understand that starting school is a big step for children and their families. When your child starts in Infants, they will be entering a happy, secure and nurturing environment where passionate teachers partner with parents to make the transition from home to school an easy one.

In Infants, our highly experienced teachers create a happy, caring and stimulating environment for our 5 to 8 year-olds to begin their schooling journey. Our students are taught the curriculum from a distinctly biblical worldview, reinforcing what children are already learning at home and church.

Inside our purpose-built air-conditioned classrooms, dedicated Christian teachers foster a love of learning by creating a calm, Christ-centred and happy classroom where children are valued, nurtured and cared for.

The SM environment is nurturing and caring. It is not an institution. It has the feel of a community
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Start at the beginning

At SM we believe that introducing children to a Christ-centred education from an early age forms a solid foundation that will last a lifetime.

We want to foster in our students a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and how it works. Every day in Infants, our passionate teaching staff have the privilege of not just fostering this wonder and curiosity, but pointing our children to the Creator and Redeemer of all wonder and curiosity.

At SM, these foundational elements include Christian faith as an integral part of what is taught. Students begin our ‘Knowing God’ subject from Kindergarten where they focus on God as revealed in the Bible. Students also enjoy classes in music, sport, library and art.

At SM, we have the joy of partnering with families from the very beginning of their educational journey where children become a part of our safe, supportive and stimulating environment where their growing faith is nurtured and encouraged.

Start at the beginning...where Christ is at the centre.

Room to play

With only two classes per grade, friends are easy to make and simple to find in our dedicated Infants playground areas. Climbing equipment, large sandpits, handball courts, and areas to run and play games such as soccer, encourage our children to be active.

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Infants Assembly

A window into life in Infants is their fortnightly assembly. Students and staff sing Christian songs, learn about Jesus, pray, perform items and celebrate achievements. Students assist in leading the assembly building confidence and leadership skills. Prep children start attending this assembly in Term 4 to begin the transition process into Kindergarten. Parents are warmly welcomed.

Cross Knowing God

Learn about our Knowing God program in Infants.

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Handshake Wellbeing

Find out more about our Infants Wellbeing program.

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Noun study 3233131 003764 Extension & Enrichment

Inspiring students to work to the best of their ability.

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Noun co curricular Co-Curricular

Activities to extend and engage our students beyond the classroom.

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Noun sport 4078393 003764 Sport

Nurturing a lifelong love of sport, and an appreciation of the benefits it offers.

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Noun music Music

Music is an integral part of life at SM.

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Noun devices Technology

Digital technology is a good gift from God.

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Noun building Facilities

Learn more about our facilities in Primary.


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