With spacious areas for play and access to specialist classrooms, students in Primary are offered an enriching and stimulating learning environment. As students enter this stage of schooling, they are prepared for a deeper understanding of each subject and encouraged to become increasingly responsible for their learning.

With a strong academic curriculum, our passionate teachers not only challenge students to extend their learning but enjoy the experience. In each Key Learning Area, students are encouraged to view subjects through a Christian perspective. All Primary aged children begin the day with devotions, enjoy weekly Knowing God lessons, helping them grow in their relationship with God.

Opportunities for every student

The resources and facilities of the whole school are used by Primary students and staff. For example, in Year 6, students begin to enjoy the use of the Secondary school’s specialist Woodwork, Music and Art rooms. The school oval, adjoining tennis courts, rugby field and air conditioned hall allows for a variety of sport activities.

As students move into the upper primary years, they are encouraged to develop greater flexibility and self-discipline in order to prepare themselves for Secondary School. Excursions, incursions, Co-Curricular activities, optional enrichment programs and camps, plus involvement in our school musicals create a rich learning environment for each child.

“It's a beautiful community here. We really love the fact that the teachers love and know our kids.”
Sally (Parent)

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