Enjoy a thoroughly Christian environment where your child will be challenged and extended in their learning as they are equipped to live all of life for God's glory.

Our Prep students are the youngest members of our wonderful Junior School community led by our Head of Junior School, Heidi Stead. Prep at SMĀĻ°ķ is a school readiness program, designed to prepare children to start their formal education in Kindergarten. For this reason, Prep is designed for children in the year before commencing Kindergarten. We provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment that allows our Prep children to stretch their creative thinking, practise their social skills, meet new challenges, build resilience and learn how to relate to God. We view each child as an individual, a member of a family, and a special part of the wider SMĀĻ°ķ community.

“Providing early years education which develops an understanding of who Jesus Christ is, and what He has done, is crucial to what we do. ”
VICKI MING, Prep Teacher

Teachers and parents work together to provide the best possible foundation for our student's growth, development, love of learning and skills for life. Prep children explore the world which God has given us to enjoy. Our program for early childhood education emphasises communication, early numeracy and literacy, gross and fine motor skills as well as scientific concepts.

Prep teachers work closely with our Kindergarten teachers to make sure each child is confident and ready for school. The transition program in Term 4 ensures that Kindergarten is a familiar and welcoming place by the time Prep children start school. This greatly enhances the excitement and joy of this special milestone.

How Prep helps your child

SMĀĻ°ķ Prep helps children to develop their knowledge of God and understanding of the world around them. It provides emotional security, social awareness and skills that enable each child to have trust in others, to share, to cooperate and to develop positive relationships. Language and communication skills and reasoning and problem-solving skills are practiced and developed. There is growth in fine and gross motor skills, as well as a focus on creativity through self-expression, language and music.

Our Prep students also benefit from having access to our Prep to Year 12 Extension and Enrichment, Learning Support and Wellbeing programs.


Daramu enables our Prep students to engage in weekly hands-on, nature-based play opportunities in our local bush area. With suitable safety measures in place, each child will discover more about our creator God and the incredible bushland he has given us to care for.

As students spend unhurried time in nature, they will develop observation, communication and problem-solving skills. Independence and self-confidence will grow as safe risk taking occurs, preparing them for higher-level thinking and school readiness.

Fast Facts

Prep polo shirt, navy shorts or tracksuit, and hat
8.43am - 2.55pm (with supervision from 8.30am - 3.10pm). Extended hours up to 6pm is also available at an additional cost.
Prep children attend for a minimum of two days a week, and up to five days a week. Prep operates on the same school days as Kindergarten to Year 12.
Class Numbers
Maximum 20 students per day
Age of children
Prep children are expected to progress to Kindergarten in the following year. It is a class for four- and five-year-olds. Children must be age appropriately immunised prior to commencement.
A qualified early childhood teacher and teacher's aide each day.

General information for new families here.


The Prep space is designed to stimulate children’s interest through exploration, creative play, group work, music, drama and problem solving.

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Cross Knowing God

This program’s first goal to see all students grow in knowing God.

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Handshake Wellbeing

Wellbeing at SMĀĻ°ķ is based on the centrality of Christ over all things.

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