Our Prep space is designed to stimulate children’s interest through exploration, creative play, group work, music, drama and problem solving. From the artwork on display to the choice of books available, Prep is a place where the children are constantly reminded of the Lord.

A place to grow

Our beautiful, enclosed Prep space has been designed to help our youngest students to feel happy and secure, whilst engaging their imagination and curiosity.

Prep is helpfully located inside the school grounds. It allows our students to feel "part" of the wider school community and access some amazing opportunities that being part of a Prep to Year 12 school affords. Our Prep students enjoy weekly visits to the Junior School library and the Infants playground. The mini-soccer fields adjacent to Prep are regularly used for active play experiences and large games.

A space to learn

The outdoor Prep space is full of opportunities for creative play. From the sandpit to the adventure playground, each day at Prep brings new opportunities for gross and fine motor skills development, creativity, play, and socialisation. Individual lockers allow our students to develop responsibility and care for belongings, as well as preparation for school readiness.

Our bright and colourful indoor space is always a hive of activity and fun. Each day our teachers create new and engaging ways to learn and play to match our students' evolving interest areas. There are opportunities to enjoy arts and craft, home-corner, puzzles and games, reading, blocks, vehicles and so much more.

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