Secondary School is a time of great change and development for all students. Character continues to form and be refined. It is an important part of life where godly role-models are so important. SMĀĻ°ķ continues biblically-grounded learning throughout Secondary School, encouraging students to ask the difficult questions, to extend their learning and abilities, and to build a foundation of faith that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Our teachers are highly qualified and have the expertise, personal conviction and training needed to teach their subjects from a Christian perspective. Care for students extends beyond concern for their academic achievement and general wellbeing; we also support and guide them to maturity in faith through their Secondary School years.

A Christian education should not only approach learning through a biblical lens, but also aim to meet the needs of each student. For some students this will mean participating in extension and enrichment programs and for others it will mean receiving learning support as they progress through Secondary School.

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Cross Knowing God

This program’s first goal to see all students grow in knowing God.

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Handshake Wellbeing

Wellbeing at SMĀĻ°ķ is based on the centrality of Christ over all things.

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Noun study 3233131 003764 Extension & Enrichment

Inspiring students to develop their gifts and abilities with more complex learning.

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Noun co curricular Co-Curricular

Activities to extend and engage our students beyond the classroom.

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Noun sport 4078393 003764 Sport

Nurturing a lifelong love of sport, and an appreciation of the benefits it offers.

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Noun music Music

Music is an integral part of life at SMĀĻ°ķ.

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Noun devices Technology

Digital technology is a good gift from God.

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Noun building Facilities

Our facilities are designed to support learning and development from P-12.

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