Seeing children equipped to live for God’s glory is at the core of SM Christian School.

Our Secondary School is a supportive, challenging and secure learning environment which allows students to transition smoothly from their primary school experience. Our passionate and experienced Christian teachers encourage, challenge and nurture students to prepare them for a life of faithfulness, and to encounter God in each subject.

Year 7 represents a significant transition, and SM provides a comprehensive approach to helping students get off to an excellent start. Students continuing from SM’s Junior School have the benefit of familiarity and preparation throughout Years 5 and 6. In Year 7, all our students receive a program delivered by our Wellbeing Team to equip students for school life and learning. This includes a specific camp for Year 7 students.

Learning extends beyond the classroom for all our students. Year 8 continue to build relationships within their year group on camp, whilst students in Years 9 and 10 enjoy an extensive multi-age elective camping program catering for students with different strengths, abilities and interests.

Opportunities including sport, Duke of Edinburgh Award, enrichment camps plus the annual trip serving the Yarrabah Aboriginal community encourage students to expand their life experiences.

Christian Perspective and the NESA Curriculum

Designing a Christ-centred and biblically grounded education requires deliberate effort and focus. The required NSW state curriculum is taught from a biblical perspective considering a Christian worldview in each subject. Students are encouraged to think critically, ask questions and consider the outworking of the Christian faith in all areas of life.

The purpose of our Knowing God program goes beyond knowing what the Bible says; it is about knowing God through reading and understanding his word. All classes at SM are taught from a Christian perspective – the perspective of ‘those who know God’. The ‘Knowing God’ subject, from Kindergarten to Year 12, helps students to deepen their understanding of God’s word and Christian faith (Rom 10:17). In this way, ‘Knowing God’ is like English, both a name for a course and a foundational element in other courses.


Our wellbeing framework is characterised by a whole school approach with the focus on the whole student.

Whilst the Wellbeing Program is woven into both the classroom and the playground, the Wellbeing team also play a crucial role. In Years 7 to 10, the Wellbeing team consist of:

  • The Director of Wellbeing;
  • Year Advisors;
  • Wellbeing Coordinators for Stage 4 and 5;
  • The Counselling Team; and
  • Home Class teachers who oversee a mix of students from Years 7 to 12 in vertical rolls based on house groups.
“It is very encouraging and helpful to go to a Christian Secondary School at a time in life when values become a key part of our life.”
Raphael - Year 9 Student

Grading of Classes

Students of differing abilities and interests mix in classes. From Year 7 onwards, English and Maths classes are based on student ability. Practical classes are smaller allowing for more student and teacher interaction.

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