Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

It is with pleasure that we congratulate the Class of 2023 on their outstanding HSC results! Our students have worked with diligence, perseverance and resilience and have been supported by our wonderful teachers every step of the way.

Our ATARs have been excellent again this year and approximately 24% of students have received an ATAR over 90. We celebrate with John who received our top ATAR of 98.5. Other special mentions go to Carys with an ATAR of 96.85, Etienne with 96.8, Andy with 96.65 and Bryan with 96.5.

The 2023 cohort received 49 mentions in the Distinguished Achievers List. The Distinguished Achievers List highlights students who have received results in the very highest band. This year, SM achieved 39 Band 6s and 10 Band E4s (equivalent to a Band six in an extension subject). This year, Jacinta's Design and Technology project was nominated for Shape (a showcase for exemplary HSC Major Works). We also had numerous Industrial Technology nominations for the Shape exhibition. These students included Ben, Will, Eden, Emlyn and Gabriel.

Of course, the data doesn’t tell the full story. Congratulations are also in order for those who persevered in spite of hardship, for those who overcame significant difficulty and for those who produced their very best work – whatever the mark. We are grateful for each and every student, for your partnership as parents and for the way the school community has pulled together to help these students through their final exams. We will be praying for our students as they explore new pathways in 2024 – that they will seek to know our Lord and give him glory in their life beyond school.

Melissa Brown

Sam Glassock
Head of Secondary School

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